Hot Stretch Forming (HSF®)

Aries Manufacturing has developed a very innovative Hot Stretch Forming process to contour titanium profiles for airframe component applications.
The HSF® process saves material and machining time, which are two serious cost issues for today’s aircraft manufacturers. In addition, the process allows for consistent quality in a productively efficient manner, assuring the sustainable attainment of delivery and build schedules.

HSF® technology is :

- cost effective

- available to be used for immediate production in volumes to meet aircraft build rates

Hot Stretch Forming (HSF®)

The Aries Manufacturing HSF® technology has proven to allow for final machining without significant movement during or after machining or shot peening. This valuable benefit is the result of our patented forming process that removes most of the residual stress caused by forming stresses during the part contour step.

Near Net Shape Extrusions or Rolled Profiles + Hot Stretch Straightening and Annealing + Hot Stretch Forming with Low Residual Stress = Cost Savings for our Customers

Hot Stretch Forming (HSF®)

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